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Organic Cacao Butter Wafers

Organic Cacao Butter Wafers

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Organic Cacao Butter, also known as Cocoa Butter, is a pure, stable vegetable fat that is extracted at low temperature from roasted cacao beans. Although it looks and smells chocolately, cacao butter has a very subtle, netural taste. Cacao butter can be used in both dairy-free treats and beauty products.

These wafers are a convenient size and shape, making blending and melting easier.

No GMO. No added sugar or preservatives.

*Unfortunately our delivery services do not include refrigeration, therefore we cannot guarantee the product will not be heat affected if travelling long distances during the warmer months*


Gently melt using low heat, then add to homemade chocolate creations, desserts or dairy-free treats. Cacao butter is also a great ingredient to add to DIY beauty treatments for a natural moisturising effect.

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