How to detox the liver after Christmas

How to detox the liver after Christmas

Christmas (or however you celebrate and live through this time of year) can be a time of real joy; time with family and friends if that brings you happiness, togetherness, reflection on the year gone… It can also be a time of stress and declined mental health, and a time of overindulgence. Whatever it looks like for you, there’s a high chance your body, particularly your liver, has had some pressure put on it. In Chinese medicine, the liver is one of the hardest hit organs during emotional and physical stress, so when you’re coming out of the Christmas fog, let’s reset your body’s natural detoxification and apply some TLC to the liver.  


Catch more Zs

Detoxing your liver isn’t always about introducing an intense detoxification product, system or plan. There are gentle, accessible and sustainable ways to begin to nurture good liver health to avoid major damage in the future. Deeper REM sleep is one of the most restorative things we can do for the health of our entire body, and the liver is no exception. In fact, the liver has very unique restorative abilities, that are optimised with habits like regular deep sleep. (Fun fact: the liver is the only organ that can lose up to three quarters of its mass and grow back to full size).  

Detoxifying rest regulates the metabolism, targets toxins and moves them naturally through and out of the liver. It also redirects otherwise expended energy (used in our waking hours, or in restless sleep) into healing, detoxifying and restoring any damage in our body. If you have trouble sleeping, there are ways to assist. 

Our favourite sleep aid app is Calm. 

We also use Ora Health - Profound Sleep Oral Powder to support deeper, healthier sleep patterns.

Stock up on Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is proven to decrease inflammation of the liver, with many studies showing that it improves liver function and can assist with more severe liver-damage health issues like cirrhosis. This naturally derived remedy maintains the natural detoxification process of the liver, while also being restorative to the organ itself. We recommend the Fusion Liver Tonic, which also contains schisandra for additional liver health support. 

Drink more water

A simple, but incredibly caring task you can do for your whole body, including your liver. Water helps the liver do its job of moving toxins through a cellular system and out of the body. Filtered water at room temperature will give you optimal benefits, and a small amount of turmeric or salt in it will elevate its detoxification effect. Nourish Health Hub has a range of water filters to fit your needs, otherwise it is a great investment if budget allows to have a filter installed in your kitchen. 

Keep your water consumption steady throughout the day (instead of large amounts at fewer intervals, that can cause bloating, fatigue and can be dangerous if you’re drinking significant amounts of water), and avoid having more than one glass in the two hours before you sleep. 

While there are general suggestions for the amount of water you should drink, try to keep it above 2L and and below 4L; the precise amount you drink within that will depend on your body size, age and just listening to what your body needs each day. 

Taking a liver detox after an indulgent holiday period can feel daunting if you think it has to be an involved, expensive or significant task. However, these really simple and achievable shifts in your daily habits will give you enough reset and restore to enter into the new year feeling fresh and revived.


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