Low tox swaps to take into the new year

Low tox swaps to take into the new year

The new year tends to come with a strong renewal energy. That tick over of a calendar year means a lot more for people than just remembering to say the last number of the year, or saying ‘last year’ and ‘this year’ correctly. There’s a sense that it’s the time to recalibrate and reconstruct old habits and health related decisions to bring in a healthier, happier you into the new year. Asking too much of yourself, too quickly, can feel overwhelming and create unsustainable promises. However, you can take small steps by way of easy low tox swaps to get your health on track. We’re all about making long-term change. So, whatever your resolutions are, here are our picks for trading in products that maybe aren’t serving you, and opting for cleaner alternatives. 

Resolution: Fitness

There are so many ways to choose to move your body more and get the bloody pumping, significantly improving health, wellness and even life longevity. Really, you don’t need anything from us for that. A simple habit of walking around the block will do it! But, if you’re intensifying your training, it is typical to consider sports supplementation to keep your nutritional requirements in alignment to the energy you output when training. Run of the mill protein powder, while now at least regulated under changes to the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 a few years ago (introducing protein powders in the therapeutic (medicine) goods category), are still notorious for including filler ingredients that, at best, don’t work or, at worst, wreak havoc with your digestive system. Fillers like sugar, flour and psyllium help to bulk up the serving and can cause bloating, reflux and constipation. 

Instead, make the easy swap to a more natural protein powder that relies on proven high efficacy ingredients that are gentle on your digestion and gastrointestinal function, but work in the ways you need them to: repairing and strengthening muscle. Protein powders that are pared down only to the necessary ingredients, such as PranaOn Power Plant Protein (delicious, has only natural, high performing ingredients), will help you to keep you from feeling sluggish, and rather support healthy recovery. The only behavioural swap you’ll need to take is doing a check of the ingredients list before buying protein powders, and cross check that the common fillers aren’t present. 

Resolution: No/Low tox household

This is one we see a lot with our customers asking us about. Tired of the smell, skin reactions and damage to surfaces that high chemical cleaning products cause, they want high efficacy products without the harshness. Ingredients such a bleach have a host of negative effects on the home, and everyone living in it, both in the short term (the stench and the stained clothing and surfaces), and the long term effects that being exposed to such potent chemicals can have. 

Additionally, much like protein powders, these cleaning products also include a lot of fillers and diluters that ensure more can be distributed and sold at the lowest cost, with very poor efficacy. 

Changing out your cleaning products can be a bit of a process initially - you don’t realise how many you use until you start tallying up what you need to swap out. However, you don’t need to do it all in one hit. Start with the stuff you use daily, like dishwasher powder and dishwashing liquids, laundry detergents and all purpose cleaners

Some of our favourites:

Resolution: Overhaul general health

I think everyone can resonate with wanting to improve health, and a new year feels like a perfect place to start (right after the overindulgence of the holiday period!) Read our Christmas detox blog here. It is our firm belief that everything starts with gut health, and this also happens to be one of the easier, most effective routes to take for better health. While making dietary changes is a big part of this (moving away from worrying about calories, and instead focussing on how your specific body reacts to certain foods and which foods nurture good gut health. 

If foods that are high in refined sugar, (very high) saturated fat and processed, it could be hard for you to eliminate these things completely. Instead, trade out some of these ‘tox’ foods in your day with more gut nourishing foods like:

Or, at the very least, start introducing these foods to your diet. 

Come and talk to our friendly team at the Nourish Hub HQ, or contact us directly, for more help in getting your low tox 2023 off to the most sustainable start.

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