Water matters - Why filter water is beneficial

Water matters - Why filter water is beneficial

In the last couple of decades, there has been a general acceptance of the health benefits to consuming enough water everyday to stay hydrated. With that, so too has the education around the kind of water we drink and the importance of filtered water. While filtered bottled water can be bought at almost any store these days, we also know that this isn’t the greatest solution health wise, or for the planet. So, the next step is opting for sustainable water filters. Here’s why it’s an important benefit to your health to opt into filtered tap water systems. 

Impurity and chemical free

While there’s nothing immensely dire about the quality of water in Australian tap water (no one wants to scaremonger here), there are definitely gentler options due to the chemicals used to keep the water clean. This is trace chlorine and fluoride that take out bacteria, which can (with consumption over long periods of time, if susceptible) cause joint problems (even damage) and build up on the bones. 

Water filters and purifiers work to take out the chlorine and fluoride, while retaining the bacteria removing benefits, and even improving on it.

 It tastes better, so you’re far more likely to keep up the H2O habit

Tap water can be so hit and miss (mostly miss) in taste. From metallic after tastes to even a hint of mould (gross, we know), it isn’t a consistently enjoyable drink to have. Water filters and purifiers eliminate these good taste blockers and guarantee you chemical-free, refreshing, cleaner drinking water. 

This can be especially useful if you have a weak stomach for tastes you don’t like, or are pregnant and your senses are in high gear (where even the tiniest distaste can make you sick for the rest of the day). 

Big environmental benefits

If it’s good for the environment, it’s good for our health. Bottled tap water, or rather the plastic bottles it comes in, takes at least 300 years to degrade and can take three times as much wasted water as what ends up in the bottle. You are also exposing yourself to trace amounts of plastic as the water sits in the bottles for long periods of time. 

Eco-friendly filtration is a no-waste, plus long term cost saving, way to enjoy the great benefits of filtered water, without costing the Earth. 

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