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Colloidal Silver - Essential Cream

Colloidal Silver - Essential Cream

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Regular use of Colloidal Silver is like having a second immune system as it kills most types of viruses, fungi and bacteria. It is also completely harmless to all parts of the body, unlike conventional antibiotics. In addition, it lessens the toxicity from germ, virus and fungus activity that occurs naturally in the body. While many antibiotics harm the liver and kidneys Colloidal Silver promotes healing and well-being.

    Features & Benefits

    Supports healthy digestion and elimination of substances in the body
    Help support the body's natural immunity
    Effective natural antibacterial
    Ideal for winters ills and chill and dry rough throats
    Can be used topically on cuts and burns

    How to use

    Colloidal Silver can be taken orally and it can be sprayed or applied topically. When using Colloidal Silver, drink AT LEAST 1 litre of water daily to aid the flushing process.

    Oral Doses: At all times, colloidal silver doses are best held under the tongue for 30-60seconds before swallowing.

    To maintain good health and assist in preventing viral and bacterial infections - Adults: 15-20ml daily, Children under 12: 5-10mls daily

    To treat illness and infection - Adults: 25-30mls hourly, Children under 12: 10-15mls hourly


    Filtered pure New Zealand Silver ions (30ppm mg/L)

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