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Best Of The Bone

Organic Italian Herbs & Garlic Bone Broth

Organic Italian Herbs & Garlic Bone Broth

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Gut | Joint | Skin | Bone | Organic | Superfood

Now with even more (380grams) of the highest quality slow-cooked (cooked for 50+ hours) bone broth anywhere. At less than $1 a serve - A delicious Italian herb and garlic grass-fed & finished bone broth gelatin packed with bone broth protein (NOT a powder but a gut-healthy, living, enzyme and nutrient rich gelatin) - a highly absorbable collagen protein, packed with minerals including magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, sulfur and calcium; and with 19 critical amino acids known to improve gut, joint and skin health. Add a spoonful to warm water for a rich, delicious broth or use for soups and delicious sauces.  

A diet rich in bone broth benefits via Best of the Bone may:

Improve and even repair gut issues including leaky gut, irritable bowel, GERD (acid reflux), colitis and related auto-immune issues.

Lead to weight loss.

Increase bone density (statistically significant in as little as four weeks) & reverse osteoporosis.

Improve and even reverse conditions of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and joint and tissue damage.

Increase lean muscle mass.

Certified organic ingredients include garlic, basil, marjoram, onion and more. The lovely taste of the basil and garlic are the first thing you'll notice and the powerful health benefits of the bone broth and organic herbs are well worth a daily broth, soup or sauce using Best of the Bone with Organic Italian Herbs and Garlic. This is the richest broth in marrow - with a long list of health benefits related to hormones, essential fatty acids and preferred by chefs for rich soups and sauces.

Note, garlic has been shown to:

Boost immunity.

Lower bad cholesterol levels.

Regular blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Serving Suggestions: Add a spoonful of Best of the Bone Italian Herb and Garlic to a cup of hot water for an instant super broth or use as a base for soups, add to your bolognaise sauce (adds a rich texture thanks to high bone marrow content), or include with any sauce or soup.  


Certified grass-fed and finished certified, hormone and antibiotic-free slow-cooked beef leg bone extract (broth gelatin), organic Italian herbs, organic garlic, evaporated sea salt. (No dyes, added yeasts or colours such as those found in powdered broths.) 

Less than $1 per serving!

All Best of the Bone broths are Halal certified.

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