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DMTea - Organic Herbal Tea

DMTea - Organic Herbal Tea

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Lets go deep with a heart opening cuppa to help soften the edges, and to encourage deep and meaningful thoughts and conversations. DMTea is a sweet, orange-infused blend with warm and bright flavours thanks to hibiscus, rooibos, cinnamon and star anise. Atop an earthy base of the most famous nootropic herbs- bacopa, ginkgo, gotu kola and so many more. Suitable for any time of the day or night. Whenever stress-relief, focus, clarity or deep inner connection is desired. For best results drink each day/night. Enhance Your Connection!


Cinnamon * Star Anise * Rooibos* Hibiscus * Ginger * Gingko * Ginseng * Bacopa * Lemon Balm * Rhodiola * Gotu Kola *Orange Peel * Jasmine Flower * Rosemary *

*=Certified organic ingredient;

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