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Goddess - Wild Yam & Chaste Tree

Goddess - Wild Yam & Chaste Tree

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Expiry date: 04/09/2025

A nurturing and warming blend of wild yam, chaste tree, ginger, lavender and clary sage. For soothing the symptoms of pms and menopause.

Wild Yam liquid extract 1:1 200mL/1600mL 125mg
Chaste Tree 1:1 40mL/1600mL 25mg
Ginger - fresh plant tincture 1:6 20mL/1600mL 

Homeopathic: a combination of four commonly indicated for various symptoms of pms/menopause-physical, emotional and mental. 

Bush flower essences: A combination that meets the needs for the intention of the product. 

Preservative: grapefruit seed extract:  1.3% total volume 

Essential oil: Ginger, lavender, clary sage. 

Not appropriate for use in pregnancy.

Allergy advice: Contains almond oil. 


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