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Beef Bone-In Blade

Beef Bone-In Blade

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Indulge in the rustic charm and deep flavor of the Springhill Beef Bone-In Blade, priced at $15.50 for approximately 600g. This cut, direct from the lush fields of Springhill Beef Co, offers a rich taste and tender texture, making it a superb choice for a variety of dishes.

Our Bone-In Blade is cut from grass-fed cattle, ensuring a product that's not only succulent but also rich in natural flavors. The bone in the cut enhances the meat's taste, making it perfect for slow-cooked meals where the meat can tenderize and imbibe the flavors over time.

Ideal for stews, roasts, or braises, the Springhill Beef Bone-In Blade becomes a centerpiece in your cooking, offering a hearty and wholesome meal. Its versatility and flavor profile make it a favorite among home cooks and chefs alike.

When you choose the Springhill Beef Bone-In Blade, you're not just getting a cut of meat; you're experiencing a piece of our dedication to sustainable and ethical farming practices, ensuring quality in every bite.

All of our beef is 100% grass-fed, chemical free and raised on our lush pastures of the pristine Paterson river.

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