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Three Warriors

Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt

Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt

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Made in Australia l Certified Organic l Certified Australian Toxic-free l Certified Cruelty-free l Vegan

Three Warriors Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt is not only a best friend to our fake tan range but is by far one of the best tanning gloves you will ever find.

Use: Designed to work ‘hand in hand’ with the Three Warriors Self-Tan Mousse, our tanning gloves seamlessly glide fake tan across the body, providing a streak-free glow you can trust. The tanning mitt you will keep your hands covered and show no tell-tale signs of tanning.

Product description: Made of eco-friendly materials, our velour tanning mitt is double-sided and machine stitched allowing you to apply self tanning mousse with one side then contour your body with the other side for a professional fake tan every time! Awards: 'Winner' Organic Beauty Awards 2020.

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