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Australian Healing Clay

Zeolite Powder

Zeolite Powder

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Australian Zeolite has powerful absorptive and drawing properties. This ultrafine powder has active deep cleansing minerals. Zeolite is gaining recognition as an effective agent in deep cleansing the skin and body. It has the ability to both adsorb (attach to) and absorb (soaks in and locks away) impurities, pollutants and other harmful substances.

  • Premium Quality 
  • No additives 
  • Unprocessed - dry milled only
  • Volcanic mineral

Country of Origin: Australia


Zeolite Clinoptilolite

Zeolites are volcanic minerals which act as ion-exchange agents and are known to have a high negative charge and high absorptive properties. Like Bentonite clay Zeolites are active minerals that have earned a reputation as powerful natural cleansing agents for the skin and body.

Powdered Zeolite is a chalky substance which is easy to mix and does not clump. Thus it is just a matter of adding water and it's ready to use for baths and footbaths. Due to its chalkiness however, it does not form into a paste very well so it requires a base if it is to be used for facials or body wraps etc.

Just 1-2 cups per bath is required. 1 cup = 200g approx.


Store the hydrated clay in a sealed container of food grade plastic or glass only. 
Refrigerate when premixed for ingestion.

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